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Get Your Inner Geek On When Using Facebook


Facebook CLI App

I found this article very interesting. It combines my love of being in the command line with my love of Facebook:

Just because you’re stuck at the command line all day long doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in the awesomeness of social networking. You can enjoy both withFBCMD, the command line Facebook applications. Back in February, I wroteTweeting from the Command Line with Twyt, which, as you remember, was an article covering the command line Twitter client, Tywt. Now, you can have your Facebook and the convenience of the command line to satisfy your social networking addiction. And, better still is that at the command line, no one will ever suspect that you’re Facebooking. Power to the people! The command line-using people, that is.

The application is written in PHP5 and very simple to install. Now you can enjoy Facebook while still embracing your inner geek!