About US
Your website professionals since 2004.
Open Source
Utilizing open source software means your site can be deployed much faster and for less cost. You also get the support of hundreds of open source contributors that stand behind their projects.
Quality Service
Tired of dealing with automated phone systems and email only support? HollyIT believes in a personal touch that rivals no other.
Infrastructure Consultation
Don't get caught with your site going offline. HollyIT provides superior server consultation and configuration services.
Rich Internet Specialist
Today's internet requires a rich media presence and so should your site.

Welcome To HollyIT

Making your website a hit since 2004

In today’s world of ever changing content and dynamic, socially interactive web sites, you need the experience and expertise of a dedicated developer behind the scenes. HollyIT has been focusing on just that for over 6 years now and has over 25 years of software development behind them.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, needing new work done or bringing an old site up to date, HollyIT has the knowledge and power to make your dreams a reality and your website a HIT. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.


HollyIT proudly offers the following services
  • Open Source Software Configuration
  • Custom Development In PHP, Javascript and Flash/Actionscript
  • Server Configuration and Management
  • Custom Drupal Development
  • Data Migration
  • Automated Media Encoding
  • Site Consultation
  • SEO Optimization