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Crooks and Liars

Crooks and Liars is the premiere client of HollyIT, forming a ever-lasting partnership in 2005. Since then HollyIT has transformed Crooks and Liars from a static-only site, powered by Radio Userland, to a dynamic blog backed by Wordpress and finally to a multi-site network fueled by Drupal.

Features of Crooks and Liars include:

  • Streaming and downloadable video, all powered by a custom HollyIT video encoding server.
  • 100% custom Flash Video Player
  • Advanced content management beyond the core and contributed Drupal. 
  • Custom multi-site system allowing posts to be crossposted to other network sites with a simple click.
  • Advanced community moderation tools. These totally custom tools allow only a couple of people to manage the thousands of daily comments Crooks and Liars sees.
  • HollyIT's advanced server configuration, tuning and monitoring helps keep the site up 24/7. In the past year Crooks and Liars has suffered less than 1 hour of downtime.
  • Custom integration with social networking such as Twitter and Facebook
  • A fully customized ad manager that allows injection of ads in numerous places throughout the site.

Crooks and Liars Drupal system is 75% custom, providing greater flexibility and customization throughout the site. The goal when moving Crooks and Liars to Drupal was to create a system that would provide minimal retraining of the site's large number of contributors. A seemless ability to schedule content was also a must and was achieved through HollyIT's custom content management module for Drupal.