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BUEditor Plus

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BUEditor Plus provides you with better control over BUEditor and where it appears. By default BUEditor displays on most textareas. You can control which editor appears via roles, paths and element IDs. BUEditor Plus overrides that default behavior and gives you better control over which textareas the editor appears on. Now you create profiles and assign those profiles to text fields in Drupal's field system. Not only that, but BUEditor Plus allows you to assign different editors based upon text format. You can create a "Full HTML" editor and a "Filtered HTML" editor in BUEditor. Then in your profile assign those editors to their associated input format. Now when you change input formats for a textarea the editor will automatically change to the proper one for that format. You can even set a format to "none" to not have an editor appear with that input format.

BUEditor Plus removes the roles checking used by the actual BUEditor module. Instead editors are chosen based upon input formats, which already have role control. The default path and element ID visibility settings in BUEditor are still enforced in BUEditor Plus, making it possible to assign alternative editors to each input format.


  • Create multiple profiles to control which editor is used.
  • Editors are changed on the fly dependent upon input format.
  • Assign a different profile to each text field.
  • Editor path visibility and element ID disable still works, allowing to help set use an alternative editor on each profile.


  • Go to admin/modules and enable BUEditor Plus under the Content Authoring category (BUEditor is of course required).
  • Go to admin/config/content/bueditor and click the "Add new profile" link
  • Give your profile a name that makes it easy to identify by you.
  • Specify the default and alternative editor for each input format.
  • Save the new profile.

Once you have your profiles created, then you need to assign the profiles to the text fields defined in your entities and bundles.


  • Go to admin/structure/types/manage/article
  • Click the Edit link for the Body field.
  • Under the settings section select the profile you wish to use in the BUEditor Profile select.

  (NOTE: BUEditor will only show on fields that have text processing with this module)

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