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Ever Want Better Control Of BUEditor?


This marks the first release in the HollyIT D7 Module Project. As I work through updating Crooks and Liars to Drupal 7, I plan on releasing a large series of modules we use on the site. This series of modules will be a joint effort between HollyIT and Crooks and Liars.

One of the modules I use the most when setting up a Drupal site is the very popular BUEditor. I have always had one thing I never really cared for in the module though and that is how it displays on every textarea, unless you set that textarea's ID not to show in the editor configuration. Not only is this annoying, but the editor should really only show on fields that are to be processed by Drupal's input filter system.

BUEditor Plus is the fix to this. BUEditor Plus removes the original role based assignment of editors handled by BUEditor and replaces it with a profile system. When you create a profile you assign an editor to each input filter format. You can also assign alternative editors if the primary doesn't meet the default path and element ID selection rules BUEditor provides for each editor.

BUEditor Plus Profile Screen
BUEditor Plus Profile Screen

Adding a profile is only the start of it. Once you got one or more profiles assigned, you need to assign that profile to text fields. Edit a content type's body field and you now have a new option to select the profile that is used on the field. The editor will only show if the field is set for Filtered text under Text processing. 

Another thing I never really liked on BUEditor is how the same editor always showed regardless of the selected input format. BUEditor Plus takes care of this. If you change the text format for a field, BUEditor Plus will automatically attach the assigned editor for that input format. For things like Plain Text, you can set it to no editor and the editor will be removed all together. This helps provide a better experience to the end user so that they know exactly what they are working with when the input filter changes.

This module is still classified as beta, but should be ready for use on production sites. I will be adding a couple more features to it in the coming days, like setting a global default profile so you don't have to edit each body and comment field. 

For more information, please check out the project page.