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Windows+Vagrant+WinNFSD Without File Update Problems


I have used Windows to develop on for years. I have been through WAMP, XAMPP and EasyPHP, plus also going my own route to handle my web development. Last year I switched to Vagrant so that I could mimic the varying servers I work with from all my clients. Of course I was quickly plagued with the problem most Windows vagrant users face - extremely slow page loads.

D8 Notes: 'Fields pending deletion' Exception


While working on a module that defines a custom field I attempted a reinstall of the module. During the uninstall process I received the following exception:

D8 Notes: Remove Plugin Usages Before Uninstalling A Module

In this Drupal 8 note, I want to discuss a nasty little bug I found yesterday, which could lead to some serious problems for module developers.

Drupal 8 introduced the new Plugin system, which is an amazing way to allow modules to be extended. To say I've become a fan would be an understatement.

But disaster hit yesterday. While working on a module that creates a View's display extender plugin, I had to uninstall the module. Once I did, I got hit with WSOD (WSOEM - actual White Screen Of Error Messages). The error was:

D8 Notes: Table Drag

While working on a ad placement module for clients (which I plan on releasing to contrib in the future), I noticed an interesting problem with table drag. If you put a table with tabledrag inside of your form builder method, then add certain fields as rows, those fields will always fail on validation. An example field is the datetime element. Thankfully there is a work around - theme wrappers!

Vagrant + VirtualBox + New Windows 10 Update = OH NO!

A quick post for others that might experience this same problem. Last night Windows 10, with its forced updates, provided me with the big update we've all been waiting for. As I awake, ready to go to work on Drupal 8 upgrades, I tried to start my Vagrant and jump right in. Suddenly I was hit with an error about the connection being in use. Quickly I opened VirtualBox and upgraded that. Once that updated, along with the extension pack, the error still persisted. Trying to open the boxes right from VirtualBox gave me a few more details about the error, but not much more.

BUEditor Plus 7.x-1.4 Released


I have just released BUEditor 7.x-1.4 for Drupal. This new release fixes a small issue of BUEditor not showing when used in conjunction with Better Formats (see this issue for details). This release also integrates with CKEditor and Spark.

How Should BUEditor Plus Handle Visibility?


One of the modules I released this year and one that has been gaining popularity is BUEditor Plus. BUEditor Plus works with the very popular BUEditor to give better control over editor control. It allows you to have editors set per input format and the editor changes on the fly when you change your input format.

Bug FIx For Netbeans Drupal Devel Tool Released


I just released version 2.0.10 of the Netbeans Drupal Development Tool. This fixed a small bug with the API Tree refresh in *Nix and Mac systems (see this issue) as well as added a new Drush command for retrieving module information (see this pull request - thanks to sbilde.)

Take Better Control Of BUEditor


BUEditor has always been my go to editor for Drupal installations. It makes writing markup easy for people not familiar with HTML and saves time for those who write it daily. With as powerful as BUEditor is, it has always missed something for those who want better control over their Drupal installation, so a few months ago I released a sandbox project on Drupal called BUEditor Plus. Today I just promoted this sandbox to full project status.

Netbeans Drupal Devel Tool Development Update

I just pushed out build 2.0.5, which is still a beta status of NDDT. Mostly fixes went in to address issues 12 and 13.

There is one new, minor feature. In the ApiTree window you now have a button to reload:


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