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HollyIT New Look And Powered By Drupal 7


With a little over a week to go before the big release of Drupal 7, I have decided it is time to update this site to the latest version of the best CMS out there.

I decided it was time to go with a much cleaner and HTML5 ready design, so I spent night after night looking around and getting ideas before settling on this design. It’s much more simplistic than the old design, as well as much easier on the eyes.

In the backend of the new site I am running a number of contributed modules, including Panels, Views 3, Context, NodeQueue, Webform, Pathauto, Syntax Highlighter and many more. Currently I only have one small custom module to handle the cycle effect on the front page.

With Drupal moving from CVS over to GIT, I decided it was also time for me to do the same. I am now hosting my own projects (project for now) on GitHub. Doing some creative views and fields, I was able to create a new content type for these projects that incorporate with GitHub. In the future I plan on doing more integration through the GitHub API.

I’m sure I’ll be tweaking and changing things around over the coming weeks, but for now I hope you enjoy the new and improved HollyIT. Also look for many more blog posts as I start doing a new series on Drupal 7.