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Netbeans Drupal Devel Tool Version 1.5 Work Started

I just pushed a new branch for the NBDrupalDevelTool to GitHub. The branch is 1.5-dev and is the work I am doing towards a 1.5 release. Here's the changes I have in so far:

  • You now set the Drupal version in the project properties settings (right click your project and select properties). You can also set that project to use a special library path for the items in hooks and that. You can also set the global defaults for the library and Drupal version under the Tools->Options windows.
  • A new search bar is now on the main IDE search bar. This will search the Drupal version of the active editor document. The search bar does autocomplete, although I am not really happy with that yet and still thinking about a better way to handle it.

Right now my big thing I want to do is move the hooks insert stuff into a new window that can be docked. I've got the window pretty much figured out, just trying to figure out how to update the items depending on the version of the currently selected document in the editor. This new window will become the foundation of the tool. I plan to move the search bar into it and use it for other tools, including Drush integration (which will probably be in the 2.0 release).

The tool has only been tested in the 7.1-beta version of NetBeans as the final release of this version will probably be after 7.1 final is released. If you want to give it a spin, head on over to the branch and test it out.