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Netbeans Drupal Devel Tool Version 2.0-bleeding. Now with Drush Support (UPDATED)

I just pushed out the initial commit of the 2.0 version of the Netbeans Drupal Development Tool (NDDT). This marks the start of Drush integration into the tool. This is a very early release and currently Drush support only works on Windows. I will have Linux and Mac support built in within the next week. UPDATE: I just pushed out a new commit with Linux and Mac support.

To access Drush you must have Drush installed and configured on your system. You also need to tell Netbeans where Drush is located. You do this under the Tools->Options->PHP->Drupal window. Once you do that you can access Drush via Windows->Drupal->Drush. This will open a new window in the output area of your browser:


Another thing to note is that Drupal must be in the root of your project directory. I'm going to come up with a way to set the location of Drupal on a per project basis, but right now make sure Drupal is in the top directory of your project.

Executing Drush is done by simply entering your command into the command box. So if you wanted to do a "drush cc all", just enter "cc all". Certain things are automatically added to the Drush command, like -y (assume yes on everything), -r (path of Drupal) and --include (loads special Drush plugin to work with the tool. More on that in a bit). You can also specify a host in the host box if you are working on a multisite installation.

Both the Command and Host box saves a history of 20 items. The history is on a per project basis and actually records the history to text files in the nbproject/private directory of each project. 

That special Drush plugin.

One of the plans for the tool is to have a way to quickly find what might be implementing hooks where. That's where the special Drush plugin comes into play. It's a modified version of the fn-hook supplied by the Devel module. This plugin will deliver all files and lines where hook implementations occur. It also is the start of providing a tighter integration between Drush and Netbeans. In the future I plan on using Drush to download and enable modules directly through Netbeans, which this tool will greatly help with down the road.

Giving it a test drive

You can grab the initial NBM in the dev branch on GitHub (click here, then click on NBM. Right click on the View Raw link and select save as). If you decide to give this a test drive and discover any problems, please file a ticket on GitHub. Include in that ticket the version of Drupal, version of Drush and a copy of the output window (if a Netbeans error dialog popsup, please include the info in that as well) to help in tracking down bugs.