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New Drupal Module: Format Control


Better Formats Defaults Screen

I have decided to fork out the Better Formats module, hopefully on a temporary basis only. Format Control incorporates the patch from this issue for Better Formats, plus adds a couple additional features. For a full list of the features, please head over to the project page. 

Format Control will allow you to set the default format order on a per entity and per field basis. It also allows you to disable selected formats for each entity type and field. On top of that, Format Control expands upon the options of how format guidelines are displayed with Better Formats and adds better control:

  • A new permission now exists to access the /filter/tips page.
  • You can set if the filter tips show per entity and per field
  • You can set if the more filtering tips link appears per entity and per field.
  • If you have the Chaos Tools module installed then formatting tips will appear in a pop-up dialog, showing only the tips for the selected format:

Better Formats Dialog TipsBetter Formats dialog filter tips, available if you use CTools

As I stated earlier I hope that this fork is only temporary and these features can get merged into Better Formats. I just wanted to get this out there as I need it for a project I am working on now.