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ActBlue + Drupal: Early Beta Release


I have decided to release a module I am working on to integrate Drupal with the ActBlue Democratic fundraising site. The module is in it’s early stages of development, but given the upcoming elections in the U.S., I figured it would be best to get what I can out now.

This module will import fundraising pages and entities from your ActBlue account into Drupal and create nodes for them. It will also synchronize those entities via the cron job, so you do need cron up and running on your Drupal site in order to keep everything up to date.

Netbeans 6.9 And The Drupal Plugin


Trying to get the upcoming 6.9 version of Netbeans to install the Drupal plugin? Well look no further. I finally was able to rebuild the plugin against the 6.9 version of Netbeans and it's available right here.


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