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BUEditor Plus

BUEditor Plus 7.x-1.4 Released


I have just released BUEditor 7.x-1.4 for Drupal. This new release fixes a small issue of BUEditor not showing when used in conjunction with Better Formats (see this issue for details). This release also integrates with CKEditor and Spark.

How Should BUEditor Plus Handle Visibility?


One of the modules I released this year and one that has been gaining popularity is BUEditor Plus. BUEditor Plus works with the very popular BUEditor to give better control over editor control. It allows you to have editors set per input format and the editor changes on the fly when you change your input format.

Take Better Control Of BUEditor


BUEditor has always been my go to editor for Drupal installations. It makes writing markup easy for people not familiar with HTML and saves time for those who write it daily. With as powerful as BUEditor is, it has always missed something for those who want better control over their Drupal installation, so a few months ago I released a sandbox project on Drupal called BUEditor Plus. Today I just promoted this sandbox to full project status.

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