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Drupal Development Tool For Netbeans

The following outlines the usage and customization of the Drupal Development Tool for the Netbeans IDE.

It should be noted that this module is in the very early stages of development and can't be guaranteed to work 100%. If you find any issues with the 

This tool helps enable the Drupal developer to work more efficiently inside of the Netbeans IDE. It provides a simple system to insert code templates from the numerous hooks available inside of Drupal.  On top of that the module also allows easy creating of Drupal themes and modules through the Netbeans New File Wizard system.

Since the module works off of templates and not hardcoded hooks like the other Drupal Netbeans module, you do have the ability to customize the tool to your likings. You can add new hooks in, modify existing templates or even create whole new categories and versions using the existing templates as your starting ground.

This module is still in the early stages of development, but is usable at this point. Down the road I do plan on expanding it some as time permits. If anyone would like to help contribute to the module, please contact me above or on Github.