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Case Study

Livin' On A Linode


This weekend I decided to make the move I had been debating for about a year. I did away with the old shared hosting that had done me well for so many years and moved everything over to a VPS at Linode.

I did spend some time looking at numerous VPS providers out there, but I always had a leaning towards Linode. I have never heard anyone really say anything bad about them and they have a very robust community behind them, which was the biggest selling factor.

Welcome To The New HollyIT


Not being a graphic designer is hard when you want to make your own site. I can do all the inner stuff to make a site hum, but when it comes to the actual presentation...well with that I am color blind. So this has been a serious project I have been involved with for a couple of months. I can't even begin to tell you how many designs I have had and thrown away before finally coming up with this one.

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