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BUEditor Plus 7.x-1.4 Released


I have just released BUEditor 7.x-1.4 for Drupal. This new release fixes a small issue of BUEditor not showing when used in conjunction with Better Formats (see this issue for details). This release also integrates with CKEditor and Spark.

Take Better Control Of BUEditor


BUEditor has always been my go to editor for Drupal installations. It makes writing markup easy for people not familiar with HTML and saves time for those who write it daily. With as powerful as BUEditor is, it has always missed something for those who want better control over their Drupal installation, so a few months ago I released a sandbox project on Drupal called BUEditor Plus. Today I just promoted this sandbox to full project status.

Netbeans Drupal Devel Tool Development Update

I just pushed out build 2.0.5, which is still a beta status of NDDT. Mostly fixes went in to address issues 12 and 13.

There is one new, minor feature. In the ApiTree window you now have a button to reload:

First Beta Release Of Netbeans Drupal Development Tool Version 2

I just pushed out the first beta release of version 2 of the Netbeans Drupal Development Tool tonight. The source is here and you can grab the NBM here.

Drupal Plugin For Netbeans 7.0 Final


This week Netbeans 7.0 final was released, which again broke dependencies in the Drupal development plugin. Today I have recompiled the plugin to work with the final release version. You can grab it in the attachments below.

Happy Developing!

Drupal 7 And Pager Elements


While working on updating my client support system to Drupal 7, I encountered an interesting problem. In the page to view tickets, I have a pager query running, utilizing the new Drupal database layer. The only problem was my pager wasn't showing. I started poking around and found a view in a block that has a mini-pager. That was causing my pages theme_pager to return the wrong element. There was one of two fixes I could take for this.

ANNOUNCING: Drupal 7 Ruble For Aptana Studio 3


Lately I have been growing tired of NetBeans. While the IDE still remains strong, the lack of support for the Drupal module has left me a little frustrated. I have been keeping it updated for the public when NetBeans releases new versions, but this is about the limit of my knowledge when it comes to NetBeans development knowledge.

I also found myself switching between NetBeans and Eclipse more and more. Eclipse offers far more features, like the Remote System Explorer, which I find an invaluable tool.

End Of Life For PHP 5.2, APC In PHP 5.4


Last week the PHP team released version 5.2.14 and with that came this:

This release marks the end of the active support for PHP 5.2. Following this release the PHP 5.2 series will receive no further active bug maintenance. Security fixes for PHP 5.2 might be published on a case by cases basis. All users of PHP 5.2 are encouraged to upgrade to PHP 5.3.

Performance Tip: Offload The Heavy Processing Of Comments


One of the heavier sides of blogging platforms is in comment management. Just sorting and rendering the comments can be heavy enough, but when you add in the extra overhead of services and systems to combat spam, you end up with a lot of your server power going to enabling your visitors to give feedback.

Looking Into The Left And Right Of Political Blogs


The Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University has just released a comprehensive report on the differences between the two sides of the political blogosphere and the approaches and technologies they embrace. The entire report is worth a read (58 page PDF), but this graph sums it up very nicely:


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