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Open Source

Drupal LogoProprietary software is a thing of the past. Today’s internet is increasingly becoming powered by open source solutions, such as Drupal and Wordpress. Both of these systems combined power close to 10% of today’s World Wide Web.

I have been working on these systems since their infancy. Both provide unbelievable features at a price you can afford (free).

Open source software is powered by the people and to be successful, the people must give back. If you are looking for a custom solution built upon one of these systems, then I will offer a reduced rate if you allow me to release the source code back to the public. This not only provides a cost savings to you, but gives you the added benefit of more people building upon the custom solution we developed and improving it down the road. It’s a situation in which everyone wins.

For existing organizations looking to switch over, one of the hardest things is bringing your people up to speed on the new system. I can extend the base systems to build a workflow that makes sense for you and our employees, while providing video based tutorials on the entire system.

But my arsenal doesn’t stop with Drupal and Wordpress.

Looking for a powerful search feature? Talk to me about implementing Sphinx powered search on your site.

How about online video? Using the powerful FFMPEG open source solution, I can provide you with an automated system to convert your videos to formats that different devices are able to handle.

You’ve got that video, but what about presentation? I have experience in building embeddable Flash based video players for large sites. My collection of already built libraries means I can quickly deliver you with a custom player at a fraction of the cost, or customize one of the open source video players to tailor it to your needs.

Whatever your needs, open source is right for you.