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Drupal Plugin For Netbeans 7.0 Final


This week Netbeans 7.0 final was released, which again broke dependencies in the Drupal development plugin. Today I have recompiled the plugin to work with the final release version. You can grab it in the attachments below.

Happy Developing!

Making Drupal More Enterprise Friendly


Dries has a very interesting post up asking how we can make Drupal more competitive with the enterprise level CMS systems out there like SiteCore, Vignette and SDL Tridion.

Drupal 7 And Pager Elements


While working on updating my client support system to Drupal 7, I encountered an interesting problem. In the page to view tickets, I have a pager query running, utilizing the new Drupal database layer. The only problem was my pager wasn't showing. I started poking around and found a view in a block that has a mini-pager. That was causing my pages theme_pager to return the wrong element. There was one of two fixes I could take for this.

Drupal Netbeans Plugin Rebuilt Against Version 7

The next version of the Netbeans IDE once again breaks the Drupal plugin. It was just a simple matter of rebuilding the plugin against the latest module dependencies to once again get it working. You can download it in the file attachments section below.


UPDATE 2/11/10:

The latest update in Netbeans 7 beta once again broke the plugin. I have rebuilt it again against the new dependencies. Download the file below and you should be fine.

Caching Heavy Queries - Good Or Bad?


I am going to be talking Drupal here pretty much, but the same logic applies to any development.

So there's  certain block or data on a page you want. You've developed a query that needs a lot of joins and resorts to all kinds of nastiness in MySQL (temporary tables, filesorts, large number of row returns, etc). One of the common cures it to cache the results of that query. This can be a life saver, but care should be taken to do it right.

Let's take a look at a common way of handling this:


Looking Into The Left And Right Of Political Blogs


The Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University has just released a comprehensive report on the differences between the two sides of the political blogosphere and the approaches and technologies they embrace. The entire report is worth a read (58 page PDF), but this graph sums it up very nicely:

ActBlue + Drupal: Early Beta Release


I have decided to release a module I am working on to integrate Drupal with the ActBlue Democratic fundraising site. The module is in it’s early stages of development, but given the upcoming elections in the U.S., I figured it would be best to get what I can out now.

This module will import fundraising pages and entities from your ActBlue account into Drupal and create nodes for them. It will also synchronize those entities via the cron job, so you do need cron up and running on your Drupal site in order to keep everything up to date.


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