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Vagrant + VirtualBox + New Windows 10 Update = OH NO!

A quick post for others that might experience this same problem. Last night Windows 10, with its forced updates, provided me with the big update we've all been waiting for. As I awake, ready to go to work on Drupal 8 upgrades, I tried to start my Vagrant and jump right in. Suddenly I was hit with an error about the connection being in use. Quickly I opened VirtualBox and upgraded that. Once that updated, along with the extension pack, the error still persisted. Trying to open the boxes right from VirtualBox gave me a few more details about the error, but not much more.

Caching Heavy Queries - Good Or Bad?


I am going to be talking Drupal here pretty much, but the same logic applies to any development.

So there's  certain block or data on a page you want. You've developed a query that needs a lot of joins and resorts to all kinds of nastiness in MySQL (temporary tables, filesorts, large number of row returns, etc). One of the common cures it to cache the results of that query. This can be a life saver, but care should be taken to do it right.

Let's take a look at a common way of handling this:


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