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Drupal 8 Notes

D8 Notes: Remove Plugin Usages Before Uninstalling A Module

In this Drupal 8 note, I want to discuss a nasty little bug I found yesterday, which could lead to some serious problems for module developers.

Drupal 8 introduced the new Plugin system, which is an amazing way to allow modules to be extended. To say I've become a fan would be an understatement.

But disaster hit yesterday. While working on a module that creates a View's display extender plugin, I had to uninstall the module. Once I did, I got hit with WSOD (WSOEM - actual White Screen Of Error Messages). The error was:

D8 Notes: Table Drag

While working on a ad placement module for clients (which I plan on releasing to contrib in the future), I noticed an interesting problem with table drag. If you put a table with tabledrag inside of your form builder method, then add certain fields as rows, those fields will always fail on validation. An example field is the datetime element. Thankfully there is a work around - theme wrappers!

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